Giving In Memory of  Abdulla Kassem

Giving in Memory

In this season of giving, we’re excited to be of part of bringing a smile to some children’s faces in loving memory of Abdulla Kassem (1993-2011). La Rabida Children’s hospital provided more than just physical care for the long years of the too-short life that Abdulla lived. His lack of sight and severe cerebral palsy could not contain the love and joy that he brought to those who knew him. La Rabida’s tender care and attention to Abdulla and to the family trying to smile and do their best in life’s darkest moments left a life-long impression that can never be paid back in full.


Toys Bring Joy

This year we are providing toys to assist them in their mission of helping not only the body, but the hearts and spirits of these children in great need. If you’re still selecting a charity for  your donations this month, please consider them. You can learn more at and also select from the children’s Amazon Wish List for a fun way to give.