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Need machined parts as small as 0.045” (1.1 mm)?

Our Swiss CNCs are perfect for machining large quantities of small, complex parts with tight tolerances. From prototype to high volume production, our engineers partner with you to deliver dependable quality.

Our expertise with CNC programming allows us to quickly implement the programs that turn your drawings into precision machined parts. With minimal setup time, our sales engineers can respond to your RFQ within hours. That engineer then reviews the print with your team to confirm your needs and expectations.

Pioneer Service Inc precision machining of complex shapes

Top Quality Swiss Machined Parts

As an AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer (see our certification here), we stand by the excellence of parts produced on our Swiss CNCs lathes. Our Quality Assurance (QA) engineers and technicians use the latest in inspection equipment and training to uphold uncompromising standards and enforce your specifications.

Swiss Machining Is Perfect for…

  • Parts that require critical straightness and/or concentricity tolerances

  • High quality finishes

  • Conserving costs for order quantities over 1,000, with costs dropping further at high volume

  • Parts that need to be both milled and turned

Our Quality

We’ve been ISO registered for 15+ years (currently ISO9001:2015), are AS9100 registered (see our certification here) and use leading edge non-contact inspection systems and sophisticated quality software to record results and provide SPC data.

Our automated equipment is able to measure both internal and external features. In addition to checks by inspection equipment, every part is visually inspected before shipment as a final check to ensure that every part leaves our facility perfect.

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We deliver big-business results with a top-down commitment to quality, integrity, and stewardship.

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From simple profiles to complex features, we’ve got you covered.


We can machine virtually any metal or alloy to your precise specifications.


Immense experience with almost every type, from machine commodity-grade resins to high temperature exotic polymers and everything in between.

What We Offer… that Others Often Don’t

Our team of experienced professionals provide quotes and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) reviews when you need them. Deploy effective prototypes with fast, accurate quotes and feedback production feasibility.
Seize the competitive advantage of faster time-to-market for your cutting-edge designs. We set aside dedicated resources to ensure quick delivery of your prototype.
Our inventory programs are as diverse as our customers. We curb the stress of forecasting and demand spikes with stocking programs and for no additional cost.

“That’s awesome. I love this partnership we have with Pioneer and I hope it continues for a long, long time.”

Rick – Electric Vehicle Company

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