Samples & Reports – First Article Inspection, PPAP & More

Machined Part Samples & Reporting Options

Pioneer Service is a full-service production facility with over 30 years of experience. While our facility does not currently run prototyping equipment, we often get requests for many types of samples. Pioneer can provide samples at the start of a new product run as well as produce various sample inspection reports.

Our dedicated engineering team and customer service department work together to accommodate all sample requests. We offer a thorough review of materials needed, the design process, finishing requirements, and the specific amounts and types of samples and reports required.

At Pioneer Service, we can produce the following samples and reports:

1. First Production Run Sample

Pioneer Service can provide one machined part sample from the first production run. It’s important to note that no external finishing processes or secondary processes will have been performed at this point. Pioneer Service will produce the sample utilizing our internal Swiss/CNC process prints. This means that the sample may not match the client’s print, depending on what external processes or secondary services are needed. 

The sample part is shipped to the client (at the client’s expense), and the production will continue to run while the sample is in transport. All purchase orders must have customer requirements clearly stated to ensure accuracy.

2. First Article Inspection Report (FAI)

The FAI report gets generated from a finished sample, meaning the sample has been machined with all additional finishing requirements. The first shipment will contain one sample on the purchase order. Clients must clearly state all job requirements to ensure accuracy.

3. First Article Inspection Report (FAI) & Samples for Client Approval Before Production Run

This option is similar to the first production run sample, except we send three samples from the initial production run rather than one. Additionally, machines are stopped and put on hold while we wait for customer approval and complete an FAI report.

The FAI report and sample are sent via overnight air, at client expense, for early morning arrival and approval. Once a sample arrives at the client facility, we anticipate a 12 pm noon (CST) approval so Pioneer Service can start the production run. The procedure eliminates production delays on the customer order and keeps our equipment running efficiently.

Changes to part requirements, approval, or additional sample requests may result in additional charges. More information about the FAI process is available here.

4. Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) –  Level I to V available

Pioneer Service will produce the needed sample and reports based on a client’s requirements for a particular PPAP level. By providing us with your requirements, we can provide a quote and estimated lead time. These requirements must also be clearly listed on all purchase orders.

More information about the PPAP process is available here.

5. Customer Specific Inspection Report Requirements

If the above sample options do not meet a customer’s needs, Pioneer Service can provide additional samples and reporting methods for various industry-specific requirements. Contact us and our Engineering and Quality department can review your requirements.

Small Production Runs

While Pioneer Service specializes in medium and large run production orders, we may be able to assist with small production runs. Customers testing a new product design or making changes to an existing design can request a short run production order (while this depends on the part design, material chosen and finishing requirement, typically this would be for a run under 1000/2500 pieces). This type of service would include:

  • Our engineering team will review your production prints and programming
  • Necessary equipment set-up
  • Only a small amount of bar stock is used to produce a limited number of parts
  • There is a minimum run charge for the part on the specific equipment used
  • Minimum lot charges for any finishing services added to the process

Any special requests will need to be discussed with Pioneer Service to calculate the lead time and costs involved in the process. Customers will receive a Certificate of Compliance for all parts with every order.

Partner with Pioneer Service, Inc.

Pioneer Service is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and AS9100D registered facility that specializes in precision CNC Swiss machining and centerless grinding. With our decades of experience, we can meet the needs of various industries, including sporting goods, lawn and garden, oil and gas, aerospace, medical, test and measurement, industrial, and many more.

For more information about our machined part samples and reporting capabilities. Contact us today.