CNC Swiss Machined Parts, Turned Parts & Centerless Grinding Services

Pioneer Service is a contract manufacturer providing CNC Swiss screw machine parts and CNC turned parts in prototype and production quantities. We are able to meet demanding needs for precision machined components and sub-assemblies for industries including medical, automotive, fastener, hardware, motor/pumps, HVAC, motion control, oil and gas and many others. Pioneer Service has been providing custom machined solutions for over 30 years.

We have CNC Swiss lathes, CNC turning centers with live tooling to consolidate operations. Parts can be provided with internal and external threading, knurling, slotting, cross drilling and tapping and more. In addition, our in-house centerless grinding capabilities deliver precision, micro-finished surfaces as low as 2RMS with extremely quick turnarounds.


  • CNC Swiss Star Lathes with FANUC Controls, high pressure pump and 12′ bar feeders

  • CNC Turning Centers (Doosan) – Complex geometries up to 2.66″ OD

  • Centerless Grinders, both thru-feed and in-feed (plunge grinding) for precision tolerances and finishes

  • Various secondary operation equipment (Such as tumblers, deburring equipment, slotting)

  • Quality Inspection Equipment

  • Extensive finishing services with partner companies including plating, heat treatment, anodizing, etc.

CNC Swiss Machined Parts

For complex parts diameter with tight tolerances, our Swiss screw machines offer:

  • Outside diameters to 1.5”

  • Lengths to 6”

  • High accuracy parts with tolerances in the .0000’s in inches

  • Complex parts with multiple operations handled in one set-up and dropped from the machine

  • Cost-effective parts, especially for quantities over 5,000

CNC Turned Parts

For complex geometries and short runs, including prototypes, our CNC turning centers offer:

  • Outside diameters to 2.66”

  • In-line product features without secondary operations

  • Minimal tooling costs

  • Faster delivery of prototypes and production quantities

  • Flexible order quantities

Centerless Grinding Services

For parts with tight tolerances on the OD, or flats, centerless grinding may be an option. Pioneer Service offers both in-feed and thru-feed grinding for parts. (In addition to in-house bar grinding capability.) You may send in your parts for grinding or it may be part of the process for a part that Pioneer Service is making on other equipment.

In-Feed Grinding

  • Part Diameter Range: .065″ to 1.5″

  • Part Length Range: .250″ to 6.0″

Thru-Feed Grinding

  • Part Diameter Range: .065″ to 1.5″

  • Part Length Range: .250″ up to 40″ (depending on diameter)

Common Tolerances

  • OD: +/-.0001″

  • Straightness: .001″/in

  • Concentricity: .002″

  • Run-out: .001″ up to 12” (.002 over 12”)

  • Surface finish (Ra): 6 micro-inch

CNC Swiss machining has lots of quick-turn options to produce complex parts

Pioneer Service specializes in short lead-time requirements for orders of all quantities. To accomplish this, we stock multiple grades and sizes of raw material (including stainless steel). We offer customizable WIP and finished goods stocking programs to provide extreme flexibility for customers.

Why buy CNC Turned parts from Pioneer Service?

“Can honestly say Pioneer Service’s team is one of the best communicators I deal with when it comes to suppliers.”

Tina – Industrial Industry


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