Test/Measurement Industry

The test and measurement industry is a fast-growing market, providing crucial equipment for industries such as automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, oil & gas, medical, IoT, and more. As products are manufactured, test and measurement equipment is used to ensure that they will perform as required. This is an essential step in guaranteeing the safety, quality, health compliance, and productivity of all manufactured products.

Industry Overview

The test and measurement equipment industry provides tools that analyze, test, measure, display, and record electrical data. These tools create electrical signals and capture data from multiple devices to identify faults and ensure the equipment is performing as intended. The market value for this industry reached $24.34 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $30.09 billion by 2026 as demand increases for equipment such as voltmeters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, ammeters, digital multimeters, and wattmeters.

With such rapid market growth, there is an increased need for precision machined components for building test and measurement equipment. These components need to be accurate and durable to ensure smooth operation and reliable construction of equipment.

Test/Measurement Industry
Test/Measurement Industry
Brass Precision Machined Part - Test & Measurement
Aluminum Precision Machined Part - Test & Measurement
Test/Measurement Industry

Parts & Applications

Test and measurement equipment requires precision machined components to perform accurate testing and measurements of torque, force, pressure, current, surface finish and dimensions. By providing accurate information, these components ensure enhanced technology, better quality products, and cost savings.

Applications for Measurement and Testing Equipment

The types of testing and precision lab equipment used will depend on the application and the industry. Typical applications for testing equipment include load monitoring, CTE testing, strain gauge material testing, residual test analysis, and thermal stress analysis. Some industries that currently use this equipment include oil & gas and hydraulics as well as:

  • Automotive. Infotainment systems, driverless vehicles, simulation for autonomous driving, wireless communications (LTE and Wi-Fi), hydraulic systems, and collision avoidance.
  • Aerospace. DAQ systems, flight simulations, mapping, hydraulics, pressure monitoring, and surveillance.
  • Semiconductors. Testing and monitoring equipment for, digital, analog, traditional, RF, and protocol-based requirements
  • Medical. With an increasing demand for advanced medical devices and treatments, test and measurement equipment ensure health compliance and safety of diagnostic machinery, measurement of liquids and solids for pharmaceutical manufacturing, implants, and more.
  • IoT. Manufacturing quality assurance; inspection, testing, and verifying components, smart products; and predictive maintenance.

Some of the machined parts required for the test and measurement industry include pins, bolts, screws, clips, hose fittings, pressure relief components, and gage components. Some customers may also require shafts, bushings, nuts, poppets, seals, nozzle & valve components, and a wide variety of custom fittings and fasteners.

Industry Challenges

When building precision lab equipment and testing equipment, one of the key challenges is to create parts that provide highly accurate readings and measurements. However, as manufactured components become more complex, and applications become more demanding, older testing tools may not provide good measurements based on the component’s intended application. The manufacturing of precision testing equipment requires the use of the latest technologies and processes so that the final product can be easily verified to meeting industry standards (ISO, FDA, etc).

Precision machined and precision turned components offer benefits to address these main issues. These parts are created with tight tolerances, high repeatability, and complex features. They can also be made from various materials and can undergo finishing techniques to provide longer wear in harsh environments. Some finishing services include electroplating, grinding, heat treating, and laser engraving.

Precise Test & Measurement Components from Pioneer Service, Inc.

Extremely precise and high-quality machined components are necessary for ensuring accurate readings from various test and measurement equipment. At Pioneer Service, our precision machining processes offer accurate and durable parts for your testing and measurement applications. For more information about our capabilities, contact Pioneer Service, Inc. today.

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