Celebrating 22 Years at Pioneer Service: Oscar Regalado

Infeed Grinding Supervisor and Pioneer Service veteran of 22 years, we celebrate Oscar Regalado’s momentous efforts.  With the exception of the Screw Machine Department, he has worked in every department and on every machine at Pioneer Service.  Through hands on experience as well as picking up skills from fellow coworkers, Oscar has learned to do everything from plunge grinding and infeed grinding to maintaining and repairing machines.  He’s a pro at holding tight tolerances as tight as .0001 on many of the parts requiring centerless grinding.  Oscar, however, is best known for his metrology skills. He’s a master when it comes to using micrometers, calipers, comparators and profilometers.

What Oscar loves about working at Pioneer Service is “learning something new every day”. Oscar has since been promoted to supervisor of the Infeed Department and has become an expert machinist, deservedly so. Oscar is a quick learner, a loyal employee and a hard worker.   We are happy to have him on board!

Oscars pic

Oscar is a happily married father of two. He loves to spend time with his family playing and watching soccer. He loves his job and he looks forward to growing older and providing a better life for his family.