Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Prevention in a Precision Machine Shop

Maintaining a clean production facility has many safety and health advantages. But for manufacturing, it can have a significant impact on the reduction of production delays, product quality and even damage to a company’s reputation. A precision machining company that implements a foreign object debris (FOD) prevention program has [...]

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Turning Vs. Milling: What’s the Difference for Precision Machining?

We have run into this question with many of our clients.  They say something to the extent of, “Help me understand what is turning and what is milling, because to me it is all machining.”  CNC turning and milling are two types of precision machining, but exactly what is [...]

Centerless Grinding of Precision Machined Components

To modify the outside diameter (OD) of a precision machined component, there are two types of cylindrical surface grinding operations that can be used: centerless and centered.  Grinding the OD of a CNC Swiss turned component offers several benefits: a smoother surface finish (Ra), a tighter OD tolerance (up [...]

AS9100D vs ISO 9001 – What’s the Difference and Why Do We Have Both?

For those who are not well-versed, AS9100D is an international quality management standard that meets the exceptional requirements of the aerospace industry. It is an extension of the standards within ISO 9001. Subject to periodic audits, it is a prerequisite for any manufacturer, contractor or subcontractor looking to gain [...]

Anodizing Precision Machined Components

Why Anodize Precision Machined Components? Anodizing precision machined components provides a reliable and relatively inexpensive means of improving the wear resistance, and coloring aluminum and other nonferrous metals. First developed in the 1920s, this electrochemical process revolutionized numerous industries with a need for lightweight, strong, corrosion-resistant aluminum extrusions for [...]

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and What it Means to Precision Machining

At Pioneer Service, we are committed to continuous improvement. Part of this stems from being AS9100D certified. We have rigorous controls in place to assess risks and potential problems and find solutions that produce better results.  Also, one of our values is to be dedicated to learning so we [...]

Perseverance: Confidence Keys for Women in Manufacturing

Perseverance: Confidence Keys for Women in Manufacturing In this photo: Elena Rodriguez is doing what she does best...running her Swiss Machine. The November issue of Modern Machine Shop included a wonderful article about the rising role of women in manufacturing, where the workforce has predominantly been male for [...]

Pioneer Service Earns AS9100D Certification

Pioneer Service Earns AS9100D Certification In this photo: Smiles from left to right: Joan Owczarski (Quality Technician), Alfredo Gudas (Senior Mfg Engineer), Chris Linhart (Quality Manager), and John Pack (VP of Operations). Pioneer Service achieved AS9100D certification in August 2018, a quality management standard that meets the [...]

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Modern Machine Shop article, ‘Leaders, Not Just Manager’ by Aneesa Muthana

Modern Machine Shop article, 'Leaders, Not Just Manager' by Aneesa Muthana In this photo: The Leaders of Pioneer Service - from left to right: Chris Linhart (Quality Manager), Aneesa Muthana (President / Co-Owner), John Pack (VP of Operations) Congratulations to Aneesa Muthana, who recently was published in the Modern Machine [...]

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Making Chips Podcast interview with Aneesa Muthana

Making Chips Podcast interview with Aneesa Muthana June 11, 2019 "How Manufacturing Education Will Transform The Industry" - Aneesa Muthana Recently, our President and Co-Owner Aneesa Muthana spent 40 minutes with Jim Carr of MakingChips.  Within, Aneesa talks about her young years in her parents’ shop, the power [...]

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